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Air conditioning is basically a necessity in the hot Colorado summers. Air Conditioning provides a cool climate inside the home for you and your family. People often times fail to recognize the importance of having an air conditioner cleaned. A dirty air conditioning unit becomes inefficient and often times raises utility bills. One of the main reasons Air Conditioning units need to be maintained is because the condenser is outside in the weather. Debris will fall into the coils of the unit. This can overheat the unit and cause the pump to go out.

Another main part of the unit that must be cleaned is the coil which is connected to the furnace. All the air flow going through the furnace will go through this coil. This means that a dirty coil will reduce efficiency not only in the summer but in the winter as well. In the summer the coil is cold and the air flows over it. Dirty air will clog up the area between the coil fins, causing air flow to be reduced. Eventually as the coil becomes clogged the air conditioning unit will stop working. Cleaning your air conditioning will keep the coils clean and the air flowing. It will also increase air flow in all months of the year and in turn reduce your utility bill.

Benefits of Cleaning Your Air Conditioning

  • Cleaning allows A/C to work properly
  • Cleaning the condenser outside will save your pump and repair cost in the long run
  • Maintenance keeps your Air conditioning working properly for years
  • A/C working properly reduces utility bills
  • Cleaning A/C coil reduces harmful allergens in the home

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