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Air Duct Cleaning Scams

Unfortunately, the air duct cleaning industry is an industry that is saturated with dishonest companies. This is partly due to the location of the air ducts in a system which makes it very difficult for customers to check a company’s work, no matter if it’s in a home or business. Often times customers know very little about the arrangement of a duct system and therefor have no way of telling whether a company did a sufficient job.

Some companies are willing to exploit customers, due to their lack of knowledge, simply for some extra cash. It’s important for customers to be aware that there are companies in the industry that are dishonest, as well as understand the strategies these companies use to take advantage of trustworthy customers.

Bait and Switch

One of the most popular strategies used by shady air duct cleaning companies to exploit customers, is known as the bait and switch method. Companies will often times offer a full air duct cleaning for under a $100. Often times after scheduling an appointment, the company will come into your home and raise the price telling you the price they quoted you doesn’t cover everything your system included.

In recent news five air duct cleaning companies were busted by 9 news. These companies would offer coupons for air duct cleaning as low as 40 dollars, then upon entering the home would raise the price to almost $400. If the customers refused to pay more, the company’s employees stated that the cleaning process could not be done for the quoted coupon price. 9news

Some companies often times will supposedly clean the system for the coupon price, but on completion will tell you that there is a serious issue with your system. Sometimes they will tell the customer, that he or she needs a new furnace or that the ducting is falling apart One of the most common issues these companies tell customers they are dealing with is mold in the system. Mold in the system is a very rare issue, yet these companies will go to house after house telling customers they have a serious mold issue. Be wary of companies telling you there’s an issue with your air duct system, always get a second opinion from a certified HVAC company.

You Get What You Pair For

There are companies that will clean your air duct systems partially or inefficiently for less than $100, without any scams or dishonest issues. It’s important to note that with these companies you get what you pay for. Often times these companies use inefficient equipment and more times than not, they don’t reach the main lines of the system. The main lines are where the largest percentage of dust and debris settles in a system.

These companies tend to use vacuums that often times resemble something you could buy yourself at home depot. Due to their lack of proper equipment, everything they do is simply what you could do yourself. The National Air Duct Cleaning Association (NADCA) requires that companies use a negative air system that pulls at least 3,000 cubic feet of air per minute. A vacuum that can pull that much air is not something you can buy at home depot or just bring in to the home. Beware of companies that use small vacuums or vacuums that are not truck mounted. If you want to know more about the proper air duct cleaning process you can further navigate through our site.

Choosing The Right Company

When choosing the right company first and foremost make sure to choose a company with experience and long lasting reputation. Reviews can be found on numerous websites; simply do a web search including the company’s name and review. Always check the BBB at Better Business Bureau. If a company has any serious problems on their record, be wary. Always ask questions about how the company does their work, make sure their standards meet the national standards set by the NADCA.

Honest and Affordable

At EcoClean we have over 15 years of experience in air duct cleaning and chimney cleaning throughout Colorado. We provide excellent and affordable services for both Residential and Commercial clients. Everything we do exceeds national standards, our process and our equipment does the best job possible. We have a long lasting reputation in the industry. Reviews can be found here Referral List

As a company we are always honest and up front with our dealings. Pricing is always explained over the phone and never changes upon entering a home. If problems are found through cleaning or inspection, we always provide proof of what we found. All of our work is guaranteed and we always take pictures of everything we clean.