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Attic Fan Cleaning

Parts that we clean:

  • Fan Blades
  • Metal Frame
  • Metal Fins on opening
  • Electric Motor
  • Metal Housing
Whole House or Attic Fan

Purpose of an Attic

The main purpose of an attic fan is to draw cool air from the lower levels to the upper levels. Attic fans do this by circulating the air around the home, when one does not want the added expense of an air conditioner or swamp cooler. The choice and design of attic fans is limited by the fact that it must fit between the ceiling rafters of the attic.

Attic fans need to be installed within a box, in a location that has no obstructions above it. There should be proper ventilation going to the outside of the attic to allow for efficient airflow.If an attic fan is not properly installed our technicians can address the issue properly.

Cleaning an Attic Fan

Attic fans are generally easy to clean, because they are easily accessible. These particular fans have louvers, or shutters that close when the fan is off and open when the fan turns on. Typically all that's needed to clean an attic fan is a shop vacuum and a small ladder. You just need to open and clean the shutters and the fan blades.

An attic fan should be cleaned not necessarily for a reduction in air borne debris but rather to make the fan run efficiently. This is due to the fact that the fan draws air in rather than pushes it out.

Ecoclean Mechanical technicians are trained and qualified to clean attic fans and the shutters attached to them. Call now to schedule an appointment.