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A vent before and after a cleaning  

Attic Furnace

Some attic spaces can be large enough to put a furnace in. Houses that are two stories almost always have attic spaces large enough to hold a furnace. Furnaces are installed in them to help cool or heat the upstairs. This tends to be more efficient than having a furnace in the basement attempt to cool or heat the second story.

Attic furnaces require different methods of cleaning due to the fact that the furnace lays on its side and the ducting is almost always flex ducting. Flex ducting is fragile and can be torn easily if brushes are used to clean it. Attic system vents are run through the attic to each room, where they vent out through the ceiling. Because of their placement in the ceiling, these vents often times only have dust in them. It would be impossible for heavy debris to fall in to the ducting. The dust is easily cleaned through the use of high powered air tools.

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Benefits of Cleaning Your attic system

  • Furnace will work properly
  • Cleaning the duct out of the vents promotes good health
  • Maintenance lowers utility bills