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Boiler cleaning

Boilers are a hot water system that radiates heat to registers in each room. The boiler will heat the water in a tank and pump the water into each register. The hot water heats the register and the warm air rises into the room. The room registers have fins that can get dirty from the dust in the air. If dirty the fins tend to not emmit as much heat into the air. Cleaning these fins is important to increase the efficiency of the boiler system. Most importantly the fins should be cleaned carefully because they are very thin and can bend

Additionally the boiler in the basement has burners, much like a furnace that need to be cleaned so they burn the gas efficiently. The flue should also be cleaned to the roof, this allows burn gases to properly expel from the building and helps prevent fires. Boilers need proper maintenance, preferably once a year

Commercial boilers are essentially the same system just a lot larger. They are often used in large buildings and churches. The prices for cleaning will vary depending on the size of boiler

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Benefits of Cleaning Your Boiler

  • Cleaning allows the registers to work properly
  • Cleaning the burners allows them to be efficient
  • Maintenance keeps your boiler working properly
  • Maintenance also can reduce utility expenses