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Furnace Cleaning

The furnace is the heart of any home's HVAC system, if it's not functioning correctly you won't have adequate heat or air conditioning. The furnace can be located in many different places throughout a house:

  • On its side, up in the attic
  • In the crawlspace under a house
  • In the basement of a home
  • In a closet, on any level of a home

Furnaces are made for any design and application, they can be either gas or electric. The main component of a furnace is the blower which pushes air throughout each room in the home. There is a heat exchanger right before the flue that leads to the outside of the home and burners that burn gas and produce the heat.

If any of these inner workings are broken, the furnace can pose as a serious hazard. When the burners are dirty they do not burn all of the gases, therefore wasting gas and costing you money. If the heat exchanger is damaged it will allow gases to escape into the home and cause serious health risks. The furnace needs to be inspected every year by a qualified technician to ensure the safety of your home.

AC Diagram

Having Your Furnace Cleaned Is Important!

The cleaning of a furnace must include: cleaning the inside of the heat exchanger and cleaning and adjusting the burners. Removing the blower may be necessary to completely clean it because it has small fins that need to be contact cleaned. Some furnaces don't have ample room to efficiently clean the blower unless it is removed. EcoClean Mechanical will always ensure that the blower is cleaned in a professional manner.

EcoClean technicians are trained in all different types of furnaces. When we arrive to your home we make sure that the furnace is operating, then we shut it down to prevent any circulation of harmful particles while cleaning. We make sure to clean the heat exchanger and check for any foundational damage to the furnace itself. We then clean the burners and the blower to remove any build-up. If the blower needs to be removed, our technicians will do so.

Once the furnace has been cleaned we make sure to turn the system back on and ensure that it is running at maximum efficiency.

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